This is the final episode of this season of Catch Our Drift and it’s all about the deep ocean, and whether we should be mining it?
Not so long ago, people genuinely thought the deep ocean was a vast void space empty of life. But as scientists have explored deeper, it’s become clear that there’s life all the way down to the very greatest depths many miles beneath the waves. And there are also great mineral riches down there. And there are plans in the pipeline for mining the seabed. Dr Diva Amon tells us more about what is at the very bottomof the ocean and why this remote, unseen part of th planet matters to us all. And we ask Gerard Baron, Chairman and CEO of the The Metals Company, about his company’splans to open the world’s first deep seabed mines.



Dr Diva Amon is deep sea biologist from Trinidad. She has led scientific expeditions to the deep ocean all across the world, is a Nat Geo Emerging Explorer and a World Economic Forum Friend of Ocean Action among many things. She is brilliantly placed to tell us all about our sea beds and why they matter to us all.


Gerard Barron is one of the people leading the way towards launching sea bed mining. His company, The Metals Company is one of the leading companies pushing hard to begin exploting the seabed, the last vast frontier on the planet and open the world’s first deep seabed mines.