This week on Catch Our Drift we are focussing on the ocean and sport. Oliver and Helen are interviewing some of the world’s greats about their relationship with the ocean. Formula One champion Nico Rosberg tells us about his new sustainable racing venture, Extreme E, and his own drive to improve the planet. We talk to Miranda Merron from the middle of the Atlantic as she races in the solo round the world yacht race, the Vendée Globe and World Freediving Champion Alenka Artnik tells us about how it feels to be diving alone on just a single breath of air at tremendous depth.



Professional sailor Miranda Merron started crewing for her father in international sailing events at the age of 9.  After a career in advertising she became a professional sailor in 1998 and has competed in some of the world’s most challenging and prestigious events. In Nov 2020 she set sail on the Everest of the seas, the Vendee Globe, a solo nonstop around the world sailing race. We catch up with her in the Atlantic.


World Freediving Champion, Alenka Artnik, took her first freedive at the age of 30. Just 8 years later she had broken a world record for diving at depths with no oxygen. She finds a peace and tranquility underwater that she cannot find on the surface.  The Slovenian diver is now the 2 world titles with her eyes on more.


Former F1 racing World Champion and sustainability entrepreneur Nico Rosberg chats to Helen and Oliver about his latest venture to drive awareness and inspire action in the fight against climate change . He is founder and CEO of Rosberg Xtreme Racing in the new electric off road racing series Extreme E.