Love them, hate them or fear them, this week on Catch Our Drift is all about sharks.  These apex predators are fundamental for the health of our ocean.  We’ll be talking to presenter and naturalist Steve Backshall about his many wonderful shark encounters and how to protect them, David Shiffman will be nerding out on cool shark facts and busting shark myths and Jaida Elcock will tell us about the organisation she has set up to increase the representation of women of colour in shark science.



Steve Backshall has been passionate about the wild world ever since he could crawl.  An adventurer, author, presenter and public speaker his enthusiasm and energy has kept the British public entertained and educated about the world we live in. He is currently shooting a series for Sky on sharks and in this week’s Catch Our Drift he shares his love and admiration for these amazing creatures.

Steve Backshall Headshot


Jaida Elcock is a shark science grad student at the University of Washington.  Frustrated by the lack of diversity in shark science, she, along with three colleagues, set up a hugely inspiring organisation MISS Elasmo – or Minorities in Shark Science. Their aim is to help inspire the next generation of shark scientists and they have gathered a huge following within a very short period of time.

Jaida Elcock


David Shiffman is a marine conservation biologist who really loves sharks. His hugely popular twitter account @whysharksmatter is a source of inspiration and education for his thousands of followers. He knows all there is to know about sharks and has made it his life’s work to bust myths about sharks and to ensure that these magnificent animals are better understood.

Dr David Shiffman Headshot