On Catch Our Drift this week Helen and Oliver are talking all about art – how art can inspire and challenge our perceptions of the ocean, our planet and ourselves and also  be a driver for conservation and change.  They are talking to some influential artists who are leading the way, showing us how art is not only something to enjoy and ignite people’s imagination, but it can also create spaces out in the real world where conservation takes place.



Environmentalist and artist Jason deCaires Taylor creates underwater sculptures and installations that help restore equilibrium to deteriorating marine ecosystems. His beautiful and hard hitting installations integrate his skills as artist, marine conservationist, photographer and scuba diver.

Jason deCaires Taylor Coral Encrusted Underwater Sculpture

© Jason deCaires Taylor

Cannes Underwater Museum

“Crossing the Rubicon” Canary Islands.


Markus Reymann – set up the Ocean Space in Venice to inspire both ocean imagination and action.  Based in the San Lorenzo church , the biggest exhibition space by volume in Venice, the museum is dedicated to scientific, academic and artistic engagement with the ocean encouraging collective action on the most pressing issues facing the ocean today. He talks to us about the powerful actions that can result when scientists and artists come together.


Visionary artist Joan Jonas is a true original whose multimedia approach to art has had a groundbreaking impact on the world of video and performance. Her work retells fairy tales and myths from a fresh perspective, creating emotional and visual landscapes which tune into our subconscious experience of the world. Her exhibition at The Ocean Space investigated the current state of the sea’s vast ecosystem through video,drawing, sound and spoken word.  She joins us on the pod to talk about how the ocean has inspired her work.

Joan Jonas, Moving Off the Land, 2019. Performance with Ikue Mori and Francesco Migliaccio. Commissioned by TBA21–Academy. Photo: Nicolò Miana.
Joan Jonas, TBA21–Academy. Photo: Nicolò Miana.
Joan Jonas (C) Enrico Fiorese

Joan Jonas, TBA21-Academy
©Enrico Fiorese


The Ocean Space, Venice, TBA21-Academy
©Marco Cappelletti

Joan Jonas, TBA21-Academy
©Enrico Fiorese