Have you watched Seaspiracy on Netflix? Love it or loathe it, it has certainly got people talking about the issue of overfishing….  Many have now pledged to give up eating fish, others are outraged by what they see as inaccuracies and misrepresentation of the issues around fishing and sustainability.  So of course, we have to talk about it on a longer then normal Catch Our Drift. We’ll be discussing the film and also about some of the most inspiring and innovating sustainable fishing stories we have found from around the globe.



Alex Rogers is Professor of Marine Science at Oxford University, advisor to Blue Planet II, he’s lead dozens of expeditions at sea and published hundreds of Scientific papers. He’s author of The Deep, The Hidden Wonders of our Oceans and How we can Protect them. He was the founding Scientific Director and Trustee of Nekton and now the Scientific Director of Rev Ocean.  Who better to talk to us about the issues raised in the film?

Professor Alex Rogers


Serge Raemakers is the founder of Abalobi, a South African based social enterprise with global reach. It’s a mobile app which helps thriving, equitable and sustainable small scale fishing communities in Africa and beyond.


David is a small scale fisherman from Lambert’s Bay, north of Cape Town whose life has been transformed by working with Serge and the Abalobi app.

David Shoshola South African Fisherman


Chef Bun is credited with running the world’s first sustainable sushi restaurant, Miya’s in New Haven, Connecticut.  There is no seafood on his menu that was caught or farmed in a detrimental way. He has reinvented sushi to promote ethical eating and only serves invasive species, that are abundant and ecologically destructive on his menu.

Miya’s Sushi

Chef Bun


Mitch is a leading proponent of sustainable seafood in the UK. In his restaurants he focusses on locally-caught fish.  If you visit any of his restaurants his staff will be able to tell you where the seafood on your plate was caught, and sometimes even which fishing vessel it came from.

Rockfish Restaurant / Seahorse Restaurant

Mitch Tonks Devon