Our ocean is the largest biome on  earth making up over 95% of the space for life on the planet. And where there is life there is sound. This week on Catch Our Drift we are talking about the sound of the ocean, listening to music inspired by the ocean and asking what musicians can be doing to highlight the plight of our ocean. We’ll be hearing from Lauren Sullivan and Adam Gardner about the inspirational work they are doing uniting musicians such as Jack Johnson and Billie Eilish and their fans to tackle the environmental impact of touring. Explorer, scientist, musician and DJ Ben Mirin explains what we can learn from the health of our ocean and acoustic ecologist and musician Cosmo Sheldrake shares his favourite ocean sounds with us.



Cosmo Sheldrake is described as a musical visionary, writing love letters to the natural world. He’s a music producer, multi instrumentalist and a composer for film and theatre. He’s recently produced an extraordinary sonic journey through the ocean.

Cosmo’s Ocean Soundscape

Cosmo Sheldrake Headshot


Ben Mirin is the creator and host of the TV series Wild Beats, he was the first artist in residence at New York’s Bronx Zoo. He’s part scientist, artist, musical artist, explorer and DJ working on the frontlines of our changing planet. He records the sounds of the ocean for research and then samples their music to inspire conservation.  

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Reverb was founded in 2004 by environmentalist Lauren Sullivan and her musician husband Adam Gardner.  Lauren was seeing the power musicians could bring to environmental campaigns and Adam was horrified by the size of his band’s environmental footprint on tour. Reverb was born to partner musicians, festivals, and venues to green their concerts whilst engaging fans face-to-face at shows to take environmental and social action… Jack Johnson, The 1975, Pink and The Lumineers have all signed up.

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